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Never Ask For Directions 14 November 2011

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When you ruminate on life amongst friends there is always much talk around ‘the journey’, ‘following your path’ and ‘living your truth’. Now, all of these sentiments are valid, and in fact exactly what I believe we are all trying to do. But, given a little thought, each of these things can only be experienced in the present moment. What my truth was a year ago, or even yesterday, is not necessarily a static notion that can be cut and paste into today.

Whatever life we lead moulds us, changes us and requires us to grow… Meaning that whatever way we live will ultimately result in us outgrowing it in is present state. One of life’s many ironies perhaps? This effectively means life can (and will if you let it) do a complete 180 and start tearing off in another direction on any given day. A new path, perhaps one you are unfamiliar with, may well become the right one for you, provided you aren’t adverse to a change in plans.

The hardest part in this for me is that I have no map. No one has chartered ‘my journey’ or ‘my path’ before, and to live ‘my truth’ requires it to come from somewhere within me, and not from some point to point directions. This kind of direction is quite often dictated by someone else who assumes to know the way. And besides, getting to a given point, anywhere at all or even nowhere, can be achieved in a myriad of ways. The only thing I can know for certain are my current GPS coordinates, and possibly how I came to be here now.

If I were a student of orienteering I would most definitely be a fail with ideas such as mine. There are no maps. Don’t ask for directions. The compass can change direction. You don’t need a destination. Does your present location feel good right now? I tend to trust that if it seems right now, then what it leads to or what opportunities it opens later will be right then. And every single small step will progress you further down one path or another. Which one depends, I guess, on each step you take. Every. Single. Step.

There is a profound logic in a quote of Annie Dillard’s that reads, “How you spend your days is, of course, how you spend your life.” For now… That is map enough for me.


One Response to “Never Ask For Directions”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hey Gorgeous

    I love your blog. You’re a fabulous write.

    Go Girl Go…


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