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Running Out of Road 23 January 2012

Genre: Creative Non Fiction


Click here to read the story: Running Out of Road


This is a longer piece of memoir writing that explores the inclination of running away from the self.

This piece of writing was one of five pieces shortlisted for the Judith Rodriguez Prize 2011. To find out more information about this award click here: Judith Rodriguez Prize.

It is currently being showcased on Deakin University’s “Writing Evolutions” website along with the winning piece and other shortlisted pieces.  To read more of the showcased pieces click here: Writing Evolutions.

My story has been enjoyed by my peers for it’s real life drama and commended for my use of distinct voices. However, I personally do not like this story of mine… because I do not like the self that I had to revisit in order to create it. I suppose this is the nature of being human when we evolve into better versions of ourselves. So as cringeworthy as I find my story, I share with you on the chance that you may also relate to it.


Choosing Sobriety 9 January 2012

Genre: Creative Non-fiction

In the past I used alcohol to escape my feelings, numb my mind and boost social confidence. The decision to release it as a coping mechanism was terrifying. Here is my story of making that decision.

Click here to read the story: Unsocially Sober

Now many months later, I actively choose to experience and feel life in the fullest way possible, meaning alcohol no longer plays a part.


Armchair to Out There 30 November 2011

Genre: Creative Non Fiction


This is a story of the opening of duck shooting season in Victoria, March 2011. In support of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting (CADS), it was the first rescue action I experienced.

Click here to read the story: Armchair to Out There

Photo sources include: Herald Sun, Weekly Times Now, Coalition Against Duck Shooting.


Quality of Life 10 November 2011

Genre: Creative Non Fiction


This is a story that documents the events that took place on 9 November 2011 outside a chicken processing plant in Laverton North.

Click here to read the story: Quality of Life

Photo source: Animal Liberation Victoria


Vegan Logic

Genre: Creative Non Fiction


Whilst this story is not exactly activist storytelling… it provides an appropriate preface to this genre of my writing.

Click here to read the story: Vegan Logic


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